20 years teaching cello and a lot of personal research...

Marianne's method is based on posture, movement, breathing, self confidence, awareness in order to build a good cello technique and performance attitude. It is inspired by various method, like Alexander technics, Feldenkrais, Sophrology, Yoga.  Some students call it the "cello therapy".

“The better you use yourself, the better you will play.” Pedro de Alcantara

Marianne works on the alliance of the mind and the body. Her goal is to free the movement in order to let the music speak. She also works with cellists dealing with injuries, helping them finding the cause of their pain and to making the changes for strong, healthy and pain free playing. 

Marianne teaches from beginner to performer level, the only thing that matters to her is the motivation of her students. 
From 2023, she will be part time in France and will alternate online teaching and in person teaching. You can visit her new website and join the #cellonerds platform!